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European Perception & the Typical “Black” African

European Perception & the Typical “Black” African

By Morris Turner

For years the African race has been subjugated to dehumanization, omission and subjection categorizations. These categories have plagued the African people and the continent, for hundreds of years. One category that stands out is the perception of being “African”, and Being “Black”. The notions of being African have to be seen through European lenses, and classified through a European projection. The classification of Skin Color has been problematic since the era of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Though its history remains, and those who are the descendants remain in a state of trial and error. I will begin to discuss the origin of the Typical African, and how it has affected history, African people, and their Identity.

Before I begin to discuss this topic, it will be divided into five categories; we must understand that the word “African” had absolutely no meaning during the early days of the continent. We did not define ourselves as a “Race”, because we did not view ourselves as such; we only defined ourselves by Ethnic Groups, Tribes and Kingdoms we belonged to. Using African in its context will only refer to Anthological classifications, and its reference to the African continent and those of the Diaspora.

I will discuss five categories all that are in direct relation to one another.

1. The Typical Black African
2. Light Skin Vs Dark Skin
3. Good Hair Vs Bad Hair
4. Black vs. African
5. White Africans Vs Black Africans

PART 1: The Typical Black African – Distortion of History, Distortion of Description.

The Atlantic Slave Trade serves as one of the most prominent points of African history. The era of the slave trade has left those of the Diaspora lost without recollection or recognition of his/her cultures and traditional religions. During this period a perception was established upon what an African should be what features they should exhibit, and what hair texture they should possess. As portrayed within artist interpretations, when Arabic & European artists above Slave ships, painted portraits of African captives, they projected their perception. When Arabic & European colonists photograph African captives, they were perceived as extremely dark.

The problem lies within the perception that has been distorted by future generations, and pre-conceived stereotypes. Movies, Photographs, and Documentaries can all be seen from different perceptions, but what you perceive to be true, can be easily dismissed as false. Throughout the continent of Africa, there exists a variety of skin complexions, and various shades. Many of these diverse skin tones can be found prominently throughout West Africa, the region of where the Slave trade took its primary course. There exist over hundreds of various tribes, all unique with their own traditions, rituals, and culture. Many tribes exhibit different characteristics, and facial features, as well possessing various skin tones. Some tribes and ethnic groups range from Light to Dark, Some tribes hold various complexions; but uniquely to themselves they are part of the same tribe regardless of complexion.

So where does these preconceived notions of a “Typical” African come from? Its roots starts in Slavery, but its propaganda is deeply engrained into the minds of many Westerners, who have no knowledge of how diverse African genetics are. This includes various hair textures, facial features, cranial sizes, and skin tones. In America there exist a saying “You look African” that is widely used by African-Americans & Their European-American counterparts alike. Little do they know all most all of African-Americans exhibit “West African” features, because the majority of African-Americans are West Africans.

Most African-Americans are mixed with more then one ethnic group from the African continent, this include The Igbo people of Southeast Nigeria, The Bakongo people of Congo, The Mende people of Guinea, The Yoruba of Southwest Nigeria, The Akan people of Ghana, The Wolof of Senegal, The Mbundu of Senegal, The Gbe people of Benin, and many more. There is also East African mixture found within many African-Americans, possessing some traits from the Sudanese & Ethiopian people. However most African-Americans are primarily from the Igbo people; In America there exist establishments of African-Americans being of mixture of European & Native American (Asian).

Many assert the reason why African-Americans look different then many native Africans, is because all are mixed with European and Native American. Most African women were raped by European slave masters, however never asserting the problematic situation of the African male’s presence. So one must delve into specifics and search for evidence for such a claim. Considering its not logical to assume all African slave women were raped, because they would still have to reproduce with their African men, to produce more African children. Such a fallacy is based on a presumption that all Africans are extremely dark.

Most African-Americans range from Mid-Brown to Dark Brown, no different then their native counterparts. There of course exist many African-Americans who are lighter Skin, due to miscegenation, or any other heritable traits. But however one must understand that lighter skin can also be obtained based on their climate, or diet. But lighter-skin within the African race is not exclusive to being mixed and is actually very common. In America there exists, TV shows, Movies, Magazines, etc. When documenting the continent of Africa, certain regions are shown which give many Americans a stereotypical view about the African people.

A stereotypical view that all Africans look the same, are disease ridden, and poverty stricken; however most Americans cannot tell the difference between a native African or African-American, the only difference being the accent, language and clothing. However there are many Americans, mainly European-Americans, who adversely can tell the difference between African & African-Americans, by only projecting their own stereotypical perception of how an African should look. The main difference is being the facial features, and skin tones. Their stereotypical outlooks of African-Americans are only shown on TV, Movies and Music Videos. In the African-American communities, there exist over thousands of diverse features, complexions and skin tones. No different then their native counterparts.

When darker African-Americans are shown it is assumed “They are less mixed” or “They are not mixed” however that is not the case. If Most African-Americans are as mixed as many proclaim them to be, they would not come out looking much like their Native Counterparts. They would not look like there West African relatives. Assuming that every single African-American had one single “White” great grandparent, we must assert the possibility that not all African-Americans may have a “White” great grandparent. If the slave masters mated so often with African slave women, and impregnated them, then who did these biracial kids mate with?

Did these mix-race children mate with Europeans Masters or African Slaves? When did African men, stop mating with African women? Questions must be asked, by logic it is fallacious to assume that all African-Americans are mixed. And if most African-Americans are mixed, whatever European genes they possessed are outweighed by the African genetics, thus will result in most African-Americans looking like their Native Counterparts. But the false projection of what a “True” African should look like; is promoted falsely and propagated continuously in the American public. It is evident and documented on substantial facts, and anthropological evidence that the African race is the most diverse in genetics, that also includes African-Americans.

In the American media and throughout the west the burden lies on those who willingly buy into the propaganda, and the stereotypical projections. Of course not all Americans will say African-Americans are mixed, but this addresses the false assertions on how a “True” African supposes to look. Many object to scientific facts, many bypass different climates changes and the various regions, that African descendants inhabit. They draw their own conclusion that to have lighter skin one must be mixed; but no one can define how an African suppose to look, if all Africans do not look alike. The argument in itself is fallacious, and those who use it are arbitrary redundant.

Many African-Americans, fall into this same fallacious argument as do their European-American counterparts, and it is mainly found within the younger generation; little do they know, they look no more African, then the African immigrants, because they are Africans as well. But the stereotypical outlook view of what an African should look like has been subjected to having extremely dark skin skin. When African immigrants migrate to the United States, they are easily cast as “Looking African”, even African-Americans who have darker skin are called “Looking African”; As if looking “African” is different then looking “Black”. But many younger and older African-Americans, subconsciously display a level of self-hate.

Due to America’s ignorance, that is projected to them and sustained by the media, and the immigration from African natives, they assume they are not African. The problem with many younger and older African-Americans is defining Black and who is African. However, all most all African-Americans embrace being called “African-American”, it gives them a sense of dignity and heritage. Many are aware of the stereotypical projections in the media, many are not, and many just simply do not care. The typical African perception is just a racist, prejudice, stereotype that has been used, to insult the African continent, its history and its people.
Throughout the globe, including South America the stereotype, and racial perceptions are evident and alive.

However all African descendants, know they are the descendants of those who survived the 500 years of degradation, humiliation, demoralization, and subjugation that has swept our identities, languages and cultures. But however there still exists a pre-conceived notion on how an African should look. Art depictions of Africans were overly dramatic, consisting of elongated lips, having ape-like features, being sexual devious creatures, having giant buttocks, and being extremely dark.
Everything that has been place upon the African race is subjective to racial connotations, stereotypes, caricatures and prejudice opinions.

All which many of us choose to despise our features, and establish the perception of “looking” African which doesn’t compare to the projection of looking white, through a European lenses. Little do many self-loathing African descendants know, they are an African people, and most Europeans can easily classify you as “Looking African”.

PART 2: Light Skin Vs Dark Skin – Beauty in The Eyes of the Self-Loather

Slavery in the United States, lasted a long 300 years, and during these years many African slave women were raped by European slave masters. And many of them had consensual private relationships with their slave masters. Thus the product of rape, and consensual intercourse resulted in Bi-Racial kids, known as “Mullatoes” in South America, and “Creoles” in North America. These terms refer to those who possessed calculable phenotypes and traits of African and European genes. But also can refer to those of mixed African & Indian (Asian) heritage.

However as stated previously, African descendants who possessed lighter skin, do not guarantee they are mixed, or of some mixed heritage. Usually that is the cause but it is not prominent, considering being of sub-Saharan African ancestry lighter skin is normal and very common. When slave masters raped their slave women, they did not think about the consequences of their actions, and what could lead to it. African slave women were seen as sexual miscreants, their sexuality was to be explored, exploited, and subjected to degradation and dehumanization. When slave women gave birth to their slave masters children, thus grew a distinction on light skin slaves and dark skin slaves.

However one must understand, that not all mixed race kids came out looking “Mixed”, some looked African, and some looked more European. Genetics and heritable traits, recessive and dominant genes were the defining factor for mixed race children. Though most of the time, the children would exhibit more African features and genetics, thus making them “Black”. Most bi-racial children born resulted in being females primarily; as these children grew older, they were seen as being more superior to their darker counterparts. They were fed, clothed, and washed up regularly, they were even prominent workers inside the house, and received payments.
The reason being for was because the offspring was usually the slave-masters child. Whereas the darker skin slaves, continued to suffer from depression, exhaustion, sickness, and starvation.

They worked on the plantation continuously, and were only given hours to sleep before they were to wake up again. However it is a common misconception that all lighter skin slaves were house workers, some even worked on the field with their darker skin counterparts; as well as many darker skin counterparts worked as house slaves. Such distinction between skin complexions was a division to keep African slaves from helping each other.

As with all racial projections that has been confined within a European image, having fairer skin, has been a problem for Africans of the Diaspora to deal with; something that is parallel to the European projection of beauty and self identity. The European woman beauty was shown to hold no equal; none could compare with her beautiful skin, her angelic beauty and divine perception. She is seen as often contemplating with her emotions, being gentle, and portrayed as innocent, and placed on pedestals by European men, in the mist of the African female’s image. She is seen exclusively to her White male counterpart, whereas the African slave women are seen exclusively sexually submissive and accessible.

300 years later, the same projection is propagated through fashion, TV, Movies, Billboards, and Magazines etc. now exist, a fashion throughout the Americas that having lighter-skin makes you more beautiful, being of mixed heritage makes your more desirable. The confess image of being lighter is engrained within the minds of many African descendants, youths and elders alike. The darker you are, the more unattractive you are, the lighter you are the more beautiful you are. In the African-American communities there exists a trend of categorization that has plagued African descendants with the remnants of their past.

A past that many of us will object to, and blissfully deny, a past that link many of us together; African descendants will substitute their prejudice and call it a preference. A preference between skin color of his/her brothers and sisters, who are bounded by blood and history. A history we cannot remove and a history we cannot erase; many African descendants despise darker skin because it reminds them of his/her past. What has been mentally projected to them is the European globalized concept of beauty and unique features. A concept in itself is fallacious and only factual to those who mentally subscribe to it.

In African-American communities, you can neither be too dark, or neither too light, however being light will always be more attractive then being extremely dark. The self-loathing individual who possesses dark skin or the tragic mullato who possesses light skin suffering from an identity crisis, a crisis that is shrouded in myth, and only promoted as fact, to substitute “Whiteness” and negate Blackness. African-American women are typically seen as having self-hating motives, whether they are being pressured to wear their hair a certain way, possessing different characteristics, aping for more European features, using skin bleaching creams.

What about many African-American men? Who choose to typically cast lighter skin models in magazines, or music videos, and using lighter skin women for promotional standards? or exclusively choosing to only date lighter skinned women. The notions of African-Americans choosing only to have lighter skin, is of both myth and fact. The subconscious aspect of the African male/female mind is a product of slavery, imperialism and colonialism and European projections of self-induced beauty. One can easily assert the reason why African-American women straighten their hair because they subconsciously hate themselves. But one can easily dismiss that assertion based on them finding certain styles that contribute to them being women

One can easily assert that African-American men hate themselves, which is why they normally choose lighter skin women, one can also easily dismiss this argument by replying that most African-American males tend to date what’s more common within their community, which is mid-to darker skin females. However this does not mean, self-loathing within the black communities does not exist, it is evident and very prominent. It is displayed with the use, of statements such as “Your Black Ass” or another statement being “Your High Yellow Ass”. These statements are used from youths and elders alike.

How about the negative connotation of the word “Redbone”; which origins trace back to the fair-skinned complexion of many Igbo slaves? which today many African-American are the direct descendants of. The terms used in the black community to divide us, between the factions of skin-color, is constantly being propagated by us. We are continuing the colorized traits that plague our history, and corrupted our past. But with the use of beauty being conceived in a European perception, shown on television, and globalized continually; darker skin people will believe they are not as beautiful, because their parents help projects these stereotype onto them; alongside magazines, photos, movies and videos.

The usefulness of darkness is a mountain away from becoming dissolved with lightness, several have tried, it has been done through the raping of African women, by Arabic conquers, and Europeans alike. Resulting all in a trial of conflict and error, producing more African children, that neither look like their rapist fathers, but who are more related to their mothers, and her race. Now we stand on the issue of color within our race, as something that has been use to divide the African race for years, to dilute African genes, and to result in creating children who are more “Beautiful” and possessing lighter skin.

This conflict has resulted into the colorize divide of South America, in states like Brazil who utilizes a classification and financial system based on skin complexion, if you are darker you are black, and if you are lighter you are white. Many Afro-Latinos of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and more, who object and deny their African Heritage In the pursuit of “Whiteness”. The Dominican Republic conflictions with Haiti, who is casted out and neglected as being “Black” and looking “African”. The result of Eurocentric conceptacle beauty is the manifestation of self-loathing mentality, and its origin starts with slavery.

This perception of beauty, and racial classification has resulted into the Creole populations of Cape Verde, when West African slaves, were brought to the country by Portuguese imperialists. And the same result transpired as it happened in the Americas, and the Caribbean. Colorism has made a great divide within the African populations in America. Racism and Eurocentric conceptualize beauty has imposed on our culture, women, men and children. It is up to us to break this mental train of thought. But with the self-loathing individuals both light and dark alike, one can easily beg to differ.

Many African descendants whether it be, African-Americans, African-Latin Americans, African-Jamaicans, African-Haitians etc. There exist many in these groups who would go through lengths to obtain lighter skin, both men and women alike. Whiteness can only be achieved through the use of bleach, some even wish they were born albino; as you can see the product of slavery has made many forget or neglect there history; Even so fourth to deny their identity and change who they are. Being White is the social status, while being Black is only reminded as being a slave.

We have been so brainwashed, that we have created societies, and sororities to not accept darker-skin. We have created tests known as “The Paper Bag Test”, to demean darker skin brothers and sisters. We create parties based on how light or dark we are, we have a preference between our skin tones when reality It’s a prejudice, we hurl insults towards each other to demean our brothers and sisters, because deep down there is something we don’t like about ourselves.

We embrace titles such as “Yellow Bone” or tell darker skin women, “You are pretty for a Black Girl”, the insults are uplifted by us, but yet we are insulted when someone of another racial or ethnic group call us “Niggers”. In reality Dark or Light we are all the same; you may not get the position at work because you were too dark, or you wore you hair too “Natural” or maybe he won’t date you because you are “Light Skinned” and he want the “Real” thing. Racism is real and it destroys lives, it has destroyed Africans history, cultures and our minds.

It has caused the greatest division within our race, and the reason we choose to glorify European images of fashionable beauty. Lighter skin is still given the advantage, to top magazine covers, shown in music videos, club promotions, modeling industry, commercials and so fourth. The globalization of the European Woman’s beauty has markings over the world; the need for lighter skin is a must for many Women of African and Asian descent. All women want to be beautiful; the only problem with this concept is beauty being synonymous with “Whiteness”. The portrayal of lighter skin African-American women, and darker skin men, is to negotiate the fact darker skin only looks beautiful on men.

Whereas darker skin women are unattractive, though the irony imposes many lighter skin African-American men, who find darker skin women attractive. All this coloristic division has caused tension within the progression of the African race in the Americas. Colorism can affect the mind of a child, and inflict them with so much racial poison; as they grow older they begin to become self-loathing individuals, with no knowledge of themselves or history. Women are bleaching due to feeling their beauty Is “Inferior”, skin bleaching is popular throughout Senegal, Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, America and many other countries.

The process of having lighter skin is to substitute what is blackness, and trade it for whiteness.

PART 3: Good Hair Vs Bad Hair – The Necessary of Multiple Ethnic Groups

In African-American communities there exists a state of class defined by hair texture. These classes are broken down into two; they are established by the fallacious claims of having “Good Hair” or “Bad Hair”. Thus the result of slavery, has defined African descendants to subconsciously display a level of self-hatred, resulting in the denial of their African genetics. The global domination of the European self-induced beauty; can be defined by other races, or ethnic groups; but the image of African descendant women can neither be defined by themselves.

Therefore a line is drawn on the necessity of obtaining other racial group specific traits. As stated previously, throughout African genetics are extremely diverse phenotypes, which result into different hair textures, bone structures, complexions, and more. However many African-Americans (Women in particular) believe that they have inherited “Bad Hair”, a negative remark towards their African genetics, however not all African-Americans share this view. But the result of this self-loathing attitude is propagated and highlighted throughout commercials, TV shows, and videos alike.

The lengths many African-American women would go through to “Obtain” this mythical good hair, results in thousands of dollars towards hair weaves, perms and relaxers. However this does not define all African-American women into this category, we must remember they are still women, and like all women of different races, and ethnic groups; they want to look beautiful, and obtain a different look, so by logic we must take this into account; this differs then the self loathing attitude to obtain “Good Hair”, and those who have this good hair, find the need to include multiple ethnic groups into their background.

Only beauty can be obtain with mixed ancestry, and having good hair; displaying a subconsciously level of animosity towards their African genetics. Having “Bad Hair” results to having a negative connotation of being “Kinky”; such logic is fallacious and faulty, how could your natural hair manifest bad traits? How can you object to your natural hair texture, thus casting out your animosity and substituting it for more European traits?

This has its roots in slavery, its roots ranged from negative stereotypes to Eurocentric conceptualized beauty, and mental propaganda. The need for multiple ancestries, the need for more straighten hair and the need to obtain this Eurocentric beauty has plagued African descendant’s minds, both male and female alike. This attitude is fairly found within the younger generation of African-Americans, children who range from ages 5-12 years old. Who taught these young children they have bad hair? Who have told these children that their natural look is not good enough?

The self-loathing attitude and mental subjugation of African descendants has been passed on from grandparent to parent and onto their children. From the range of various magazines, shows, movies and videos; one can include mixed ancestry, or claiming a great grandmother who they have no knowledge of. All resulting into being defined by hair and skin complexion, rather then identifying themselves as “Black”; Hair texture and color obsession plays a prominent role within the Americas, and throughout the world, one can only assert that it’s racism in its finest.

The product of Slavery has left it’s mark within the minds of many African descendants, it ranges from identity, to our hair; and it’s continually controlled and dominated by a mass European and Asian media; thus resulting in billion dollar hair industries ran by Asian & European markets and corporate offices; African-American women being the #1 consumer of these products. The mission to obtain this “Mythical” good hair will never seize to let up, if the power is in the hands of those who control the media.

The African-American man, who asserts that African-American women should wear their hair “Natural”, little do many know that African-American women were heavily influence by what they perceive to be “Beautiful” so this results into attracting men, and mostly “African-American” men. The length of obtaining good hair is not only the African descendant female baggage; but the pressures of the men, and the physiological trauma of European imposed beauty. One can only assert by all the evidence, and critical analysis this is indeed the primary cause.

PART 4: Black Vs African – The Side Effects of Ignorance, And the Reinterpretation

The self denial of many African descendant populations and the reiteration of the word “Black” have both the positive and the negative aspects. Regardless of where African slaves were brought, African-Americans, Jamaicans, Haitians, and many South Americans are all an African people. However the side of effects of slavery has caused many to object being Black, or being African. The branding of the word “Black” was synonymous with “African”, now as the word stands today; African descendants would proclaim they are “Black”, but they not “African”.

As I recall African is not a nationality, but a Race of people, from the continent of Africa, or whose origins trace back to Africa. The confusion of Race, Nationality & Ethnicity is thoroughly propagated by the Media, Politics, Job Applications, and Schools. There now exists this trend of not only “Looking African” but asking people “Are you African” which is mainly spoken out the mouths of many African-Americans. There exists today a distinction being labeled “African-American” or those who proclaim themselves to be “Black Americans”.

However I find these same individuals to be insulted by the word “Nigger” or being labeled as “Negro”, how can one find pride in proclaiming themselves to be “Black” but jump to offense towards the word “Nigger”?, it’s obvious contradiction is the confusion of language; And the diffusion of the definition. Negro means Black in Spanish, Niger/Nigger means Black in Portuguese, and so what does Black mean? Black describes a color, but it does not describe a race of human beings, its negative connotation is the “Racial Perception” branded by Arabic & European conquerors, how can we take a noun and make it an adjective?

Its origin traces back to the early Portuguese imperialists of the continent, a word branded to take away our positive identity, sure one can easily argue that “African” isn’t “African” in origin, but Semitic or Roman; but the identity stands well with the positive aspect, and the defining of a people, then the perception of color. Since when did “Black” stop being “African”? As though they were synonymous, they cannot be substituted; therefore one can only exist. But the embracement of the word “Black” was used positively with African-Americans and still used to this day, but its positive use is its relation to “African Identity” not the rejection of it.

However as stands today, those who simply proclaim themselves to be “Black” but not Africans, are short of history and live in an error of denial, many proclaim themselves to not be “African” because they were not born there. However as stated previously when did “African” become a nationality? I don’t hear “Asian-Americans” (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Indians) objecting to being “Asian-Americans”, they don’t define themselves as a color, so what make many African descendants object to being “African”? Its roots start in slavery.

How can you be a “Black” person of “African descent”?, I don’t hear Asians referring to themselves as being “Yellow” of “Asian descent”, what exactly is a “Black African”? calling yourself “African-American” is a sense of self-honor and pride, and give’s relation to history, culture, land and people, regardless of your specific “Tribe” relations; for the simple fact, you are of “African descent” and live in “America” hence it being an “Ethnic Group” and not a “Race”. Your race is “African”, your Ethnic Group is “African-American”, and your nationality is “Americans”, The difference between Race, Ethnicity and Nationality is only understood by those, of Anthropological and geographical studies.

I continue to wonder about this fallacy that is promoted thoroughly by African-Americans and many alike. Black does not define a person who is clearly of African blood and origin, it only define a color; A color which is to negate the perception of “Whiteness”. This defining between Black and African is absolutely absurd, and ludicrous, however this defining has lead many native Africans, to define themselves as being “Black African” which is just as absurd as African-Americans defining themselves as “Black-Americans”.

If we use “Black” in a more positive approach as relation to being “African” then there is much merit to that, but if we refer to being “Black” as a race of individuals who “Originate” from the continent of Africa, there is absolutely no logic behind that. Regardless of what nationality, or what traditions we practice, whether from the continent to the States, or to the Caribbean you are still an African people. The word “Black” was impose to demean us from our identity, as they did away with our traditional beliefs, tribes and practices, and substituted them for a more “European” lifestyle.

Negro, Black, Nigger, nothing has changed but the language that it’s spoken, if you call yourself black, will you get offended if a Japanese person called you a “Kukoujin” meaning “Black” in Japanese?. However many “White” supremacists seem to have a better understanding to who is an “African”, they know that it is no one of “European Descent”. The term “Black” is no more derogatory then the word “Nigger” so why become shocked when you are labeled a “Negro”. The ignorance within the African race, has lead those to label us however they see us; If we can classify calling Asians according to their Race or Ethnic groups, then why can we not do the same for ourselves?

Today the common belief is Black, White and Asian are Races, there is no such thing as a White or Black race, however there is something call African & European; those are races according to anthropological studies. As a matter of fact, those are the only 3 races that exist, any ethnic group that exist beyond that are “Mixed”. Whether one claim them to be Arabic or Latino. They are the product of these 3 main races, but of course many will blissfully deny it, and when clearly they exhibit mixed-ancestry traits with one another.

Their confusion is no more of confusion then accepting that you are “Black” and not “African”. Because African tells us who we are, and where we originate from, Black just tells us how we look to others.

PART 5: Black Africans Vs White Africans – Who is African & who is European?

The oxymoron of a “White African” is neither meant to mirror African albinos, but to disregard those of true African genetics, and origin of heritage and dignity. To hear a man/woman of “European” descent or any other descent that is not “African” is unnatural. How can one disregard their heritage, for a heritage you have ripped from millions of African descendants across the Atlantic, and then claim it for your own? Africans have been ripped of their dignity, land, resources, and religions and now we are getting ripped from our African identity? When does the Eurocentric dominion ship ends?

When does the identity crisis establish for those who are “Clearly” not African take it’s course?, being African does not mean having nationality in a country, being African does not mean if you are born in an African country, it’s neither a nationality or a sovereign state. Being African is for those of who are genetically and physically African. It has nothing to do with citizenship, just because you live in South Africa does not make you an “African”, you just have citizenship in an African country.

Does an African being born in Asia make him Asian? No it does not, neither does being a Martian born on Earth make you an “Earthling”; Being born in America does not mean you are neither African, European, or Asian, it’s just a citizenship. Being African means those who originate from that continent, who adapted to the specific “Climate” changes, as did Europeans adapted to the climate in “Europe” thus making them “Europeans”, or Asians who have adapted to their climate thus they are “Asians”.

As stated previously there is no such thing as a “Black African”, neither is their such a thing as a “Yellow Chinese” or “White European”, how can you replace race and substitute it for a color? Racial perceptions are seen from a color perspective rather then a scientific anthropological one. Race defines characteristics, phenotypes, heritable traits, and genetics; if Europeans do not exhibit any of the above then they are not African, as an African cannot be European.

The irony of the word “African”, is when used during the Slave Trade, European enslavers knew exactly who was an “African”, and no one would want to be place as an African, or categorized as an African, there is a much better understanding of the word African during this era, then there is today. But the mentality of Africans around the globe, feel the need to dissociate them selves by casting the “Black” title branded as fact, as if being “Black” guarantee your identity

What we have learned today is nothing more then the repetition of history, and a European globalized world, and European approved diplomacy; the only efforts we have now is to break this mental slavery, that has been brought about from Slavery, Colonization and Imperialism; And this start by mental liberation, remembering our history, and recovering our self identity only then when we will rise, but the question remains, when?


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